Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Crazy Horse Bites Back

On Sunday, Karl Verhulst, 39, was carrying his year-old son Zakki in his arms when a horse in the Children’s World Animal Land section at the Singapore Zoo stretched over the 1.3 m tall barrier and bit his abdomen. Belgian national Mr Verhulst said, “The crazy horse could have easily bitten my son,” alluding to more dire consequences than the shutting down of the Crazy Horse Salon at Clarke Quay. Zoo spokesperson Isabel Cheng claimed the horse could have been spooked by the exceptionally large crowd during the Chinese New Year holidays, out in force to spend their Workfare Bonuses, Senior Citizens’ Bonuses, etc before the GST hike starts to bite in July. PM Lee told his followers this year’s Budget was a fair package, carefully balanced to provide something for everyone, except maybe horses. “Five years and seven years of offset (equivalent of GST increase) is quite a lot of money”, said Mr Lee, but horses, and Singaporeans who are encourage to “stay involved and actively engaged” until ready for the glue factory, are not entirely convinced. They pointed out that the GST offset package was reported to be worth $4 billion, while the hike will generate $1.5 billion a year for the government coffers, or $7.5 billion in the 5 years before the next election, and consequent round of price increases. Besides, the $100 property tax rebates and $30 reduction in maid levy really pale in comparison to the parliament approved $15,000 increase in the President’s entertainment allowance. If that doesn’t drive horses crazy, what will?