Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Man Punches MP

In what must be the local version of a "Man Bites Dog" story, the press reported that PAP Member of Parliament Seng Han Thong, who was attacked by his Yio Chu Kang constituent, wants to close the episode and move on.

It was Mr Seng's first public comments on the assault which took place last Thursday, 13th July 2006.

The punching incident took place at about 9.30pm on 20 July at a Meet-the-People session at the PAP's Yio Chu Kang branch office.

74-year-old Koo Tong Huat had asked to see his MP in private. The former Comfort taxi driver wanted Mr Seng to help him reinstate his taxi licence which was revoked four years ago. Comfort Delgro terminated his services for writing a threatening letter to a female passenger after she complained about him.

Koo was believed to have been upset that his MP failed to help 'clear his
name' when in fact Mr Seng did file an appeal with ComfortDelgro. ComfortDelgro had replied to Mr Seng and Koo to say that it stood by its earlier recommendations.

We are told that before Mr Seng could explain, Koo punched him in the face.

Two days after the incident, Koo reportedly wrote a letter of apology to Mr Seng, only to retract it the very next day.

Police are investigating the matter but Mr Seng said the assault would not affect the way he conducts his Meet-the-People sessions.

Mr Seng said: "I'll like to move on because I have many other pressing issues to deal with. I'll take this case as closed and I'll leave it to the Police to decide the next course of action."

The last time a member of the public reacted so exuberantly was when the NKF building was spray painted.