Monday, June 05, 2006

Minister Salaries in Perspective

Lee Hsien Loong burned in effigy over Thaksin dealHefty pay raises awarded in July 2000 to what were already some of the highest-paid government officials in the world sparked a rare display of public indignation, with Singaporeans criticizing the move on the Internet and even in the pro-government media.

Under the new pay scale, Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong saw his annual salary increase 14% to 1.94 million Singapore dollars from S$1.69 million (US$1.1 million from US$971,264), while the salary for the most junior minister increased 12% to S$968,000, putting Singapore's ministers well ahead of their counterparts in the U.S., the United Kingdom and many other countries in the salary league tables.

As of June 12, 2004, the President of the United States of America draws an annual salary of US$400,000; the vice president's salary is US$181,400.
British Prime Minister Tony Blair - about US$262,000 annually,
Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi - about US$307,000
Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad - about US$65,000
Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra - about $32,188
Philippines President Gloria Arroyo - about US$24,000

According to Asiaweek Mar 16, 2000, the monthly Singapore salary figures then were:

Head of Government $43,365 (S$76,322)
Finance Minister $35,886 (S$63,159)
Member of Parliament $5,346 (S$9,409)
Government Clerk (Entry-level) $503 (S$885)

Bank Manager $4,145 (S$7,295)
Architect $3,216 (S$5,660)
Civil Engineer $3,184 (S$6,660)
Doctor $4,386 (S$7,719)
Lawyer $4,053 (S$7,133)
News Reporter $2,047 (S$3,603)
State Professor $4,921 (S$8,661)

CEO $11,131 (S$19,590)
Controller $6,667 (S$11,734)
Human Resources Director $5,190 (S$(9,154)
Systems Director $5,190 (S$9,134)
Manufacturing Director $6,740 (S$11,862)
Sales Director $4,186 (S$7,367)
Factory/Plant Manager $4,639 (S$8,165)
Sales Manager $3,962 (S$6,973)
Accountant $2,290 (S$4,040)
Systems Engineer $2,290 (S$4,036)
Software Developer $2,792 (S$4,914)
Field Services Engineer $2,008 (S$3,535)
Production Supervisor $1,847 (S$3,251)
Executive Secretary $1,701 (S$2,994)
Secretary $1,326 (S$2,334)
Chauffeur $975 (S$1,716)